Should I focus on my social life & sex life or my wealth first ?

Hi Alux,

I want wealth but I believe I’ll have to work non-stop for hours and wont have time to create a better social life and I wont have time for my social life. And I wont have time for years and years and years. I am about to turn 23 years old, should I focus on my social & sex life first and have a ton of fun for a couple of years ( say till I reach 26 ? ) or should I focus on building wealth and somehow squeeze in time for my social & sex life ? 

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  1. Go and Work, and educate yourself first, but do it in a Social context. What i
    mean with that, is that you should build a Group, so that you can have learning
    Partners, which will help you achieving your Goals, while you help them. Introduce
    them to the Alux YT Channel, and to this Site, so they get on your Informationlevel.

    And let´s be real, no one needs to go out everyday. 1, 2 or at max 3 Nights in a Month
    should be enough, to satisfy basic needs, Ore you can find a Partner in your new Group,
    so there is not such a strong desire to go Clubing every Day. To be true, that is also the
    Cheaper Way of living. You see, you do´nt need to decide between Social life, and Money
    making, as long as you are intelligent about it.

    Oh, and a pro hint: To make your Nights out truly relaxing, make them only, AFTER your Work
    for the Day, or even bette also a few Tasks for the next few Days are done, so they can´t come
    up while you try to have a good Time with your Friends


    • Alright, that’s a good answer. I wanted to start my business first but then I hesitated between that and my social life.

      Thank you for the response.


      • Nothing to thank me for, i am searching Answers and Advice
        here myself, and since i believe in Newtons Law of “Actio equals
        Reactio” i try to give others my Thougts, if i think that could be helpfull


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