should i take a break for a year of schooling after 12 th

i really think that the schooling education aint going to take me very far and i am not comfortable with it . i have huge interests in the stock market and i have been attending various really good seminars and i am confident that i can earn over 50000 dollrs from the very first year minimum with limited capital i have also spent a lot of time in it so should i take a break for a year and get a head start over my peers and i sell huge potential in the field and i am passionate about it.


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    most of people how take break after high school do not continue their education, especially that you have a business plan that would make you good money, so if your project succeed you wont even think about continuing your education, unless you can do both.
    but any way you should watch the new video on YouTube cuz it might help you


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    Ya… Actually it totally depends on you… If you are really willing to take a break then you must!! But ya if it is just for that you want sometime to hang up or etc… Then your break must not be go more from 3 or 4 weeks… And ya after break or during a break you may start anything creative or you should go ahead towards your dream or what you want to become by taking small scale actions… Have a better life buddy… Live better…??????????????????????????…


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    Ya… Actually it totally depends on you… That what you want to do… ? And is it beneficial for you for a long term time…? And are you totally prepared for it or not…? Actually if you actually , really believe on your ideas and you have totally learnt about stock markets then you must go ahead… But if you have not learnt anything more about stock markets then buddy you must start learning about it… Because after dropping out from college or after collage 80% of people try to chase their dream and 76% fail because they don’t learn about what they want to do, completely… If you are Indian then you would understand Hindi language so I deeply and by my own experiences I recommend you to watch sandeep maheshwari’s seminars or videos on YouTube . You will get a lot fantastic videos for changing life by his own experiences on YouTube… Thank you buddy… Live better ????????????????????…


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