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I am pretty much interested in the stock market topic, have been trying to learn the basics with Apps like Best Brokers and Stock Master, however I have no idea of what I’m looking at. Is there any website or channel that can provide information about what to look for, what each thing means and such?

I’m CTO of two businesses and building my own at the moment, but want to start getting into these topics to get more income to start my investment loop.


Thank you.

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    For the basics, there’s always investopedia.com. They cover the terminology and basic strategies. I recommend once you get that down you read “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator” by Edwin Lefevre. It’s basically a must – read for anyone in the trading business. Be careful of much of the mainstream advice out there, it’s designed to make you part with your money.


    • Thaanks for the reply, will be checking both out and yes I understand there are risks as in any business, hence I want to learn the basics to understand them better, however I might invest in a franchise instead if the risks are too high.



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