The origin of the concept: “HOMO” ( sapiens)

By Rennes

Who was the scientist that began using the concept of HOMO SAPIENS ? and IF we consider the value of the female partner, without her role, there would be no evolution, is the link between generations of HOMO  >>> Habilis, Ergasters Erectus, Neanderthanls  and Sapiens, and Humankind, up to these days

Considering the enormous involvement in every phase of the evolution, those scientists created a name or code for the female partner ?  or we have to think that Homo Erectus recreated and reproduced themselves by  ” divine inspiration”   . . .  or   . . .   an act of  . . . GOD ?    



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  • homo- (1)
    before vowels hom-, word-forming element meaning “same, the same, equal, like” (opposed to hetero-), from Greek homos “one and the same,” also “belonging to two or more jointly,” from PIE *somo-, from root *sem- (1) “as one; together with” (see same).
    homo- (2)
    word-forming element meaning “homosexual,” abstracted since early 20c. from homosexual, and ultimately identical to homo- (1).

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