Tips for getting an appropriate mentor?

in response to a video, I have a question:

How to find someone that has succeeded in that industry (in other words , finding a mentor)?

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  1. Alux answered it!!!


    • Before able to get a mentor:
      -self awareness of ur own qualities
      -choose ur industry
      -read/learn thru books or other things regarding to that industry
      -Minimal viable product
      -optimising ur product or business—> build,learn , measure
      -now ur allowed to get a mentor: u gotta show that ur willing to learn and be coach-able, to show that u r able to be open to new experiences and ideas
      Identifying ur suitable mentor:
      -someone in ur geography that’s walked ur road or near your road that u r going to walk into.
      To get ur potential mentor to ACTUALLY BE YOUR MENTOR
      -analyse him/her very detail to find a weakness OR a very time-consuming part of the business.


  2. Continued from before…
    After that :
    The gift (meaning, u will reach ur person and telling his /her weakness from previous step. Offer to help with that weakness and take that burden off their hands for FREE). But before u reach out to them, u gotta show prof that ur Suitable to take care of the problem.

    Potential mentor will now question why ur wanting to be doing it for free. (Now I can say that ur looking for someone to give some OCASIONAL ADVICE)

    When the mentor gives u advice on books/seminars. MAKE SURE U’ll always finish them/get them done. Otherwise they’ll drop u fast!


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    More than likely you’ll have to find someone that is experienced but has an infinite amount of time for you.


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    Any luck finding a Mentor? Any tips, anyone?


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    i need one too….?


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