Which topic should we cover next?

By AluxVideos

Hey Aluxers, which topic should we cover in our next video?

Leave your suggestions in the comment section & we’ll make them happen!


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  • Hey Alux, I would love to see a “15 things you didn’t know about Alux.com.” Tell us more about yourselves: who you are, how and why you got started in the luxury arena, etc. Also it would be inspiring to see a series highlighting the newest billionaires in the and how they made their fortunes.

    • Please Alux, tell us how you started your story, how you managed to get things done, which thing made you start this, was that a single person’s vision starting it, which or where was your first investment, and many more.

    • I am agree with you

    • I would like to know more about alux. It would be a nice idea to cover such topic (15 facts about alux)! ?

  • I’d really appreciate if you guys made a video about the steps a young poor person ( I’m 16 ) should take towards being wealthy in the future.

    • When you were a small boy your family encouraged you to crawl saying “come on you can do it”. You did and everyone cheered. Then they encouraged you to walk saying “come on you can do it”. When you walked everyone cheered and said “i knew you can do it, you can do anything you want”. As you become a young man and you say I want to be in business for myself, or work on commissions or do anything that does not fit into main stream 8 hour work days they will say , “Your can’t do that, you need to get a ‘JOB’. Think for a moment, does a wealthy person take the advice of anyone not looking to be or is not wealthy? Surround yourself with those who have or wish to be above the rest. Take example from successful persons, not those who have given up. All great inventors have endured failure many times before achieving success. How much you endure is up to you. In all things remember success is not a destination, it is a journey. You are successful once you start the journey. Happy trails .

  • about narendra modi pm of india and also make video on lamborghini

  • 15 Things You Didn’t Know about Andrew Carnegie

  • Topic about the world bank

  • About the CEO of Google – Sundar Pichai.

  • 15 things about Narendra Modi-current Indian Prime Minister.

    • Yes, 15 things about Narendra Modi.

  • Facts about Sharukh Khan

  • Facts about tesla

  • 15 things about Bruce Lee, Micheal Jackson

  • 1.compilation of planned cities OR newest built cities.
    2. Richest people/kings/businessmen in the History of India/Asia.
    3. Universities around the world with the most luxurious campuses.

  • “How to be a Successful Student?” would be a great video.

  • Leadership.
    If u can talk about the qualities of a good leader
    What it takes to be a good leader
    Signs that you are a good leader

  • 10 or 15 things about Adolf Hitler.

  • 10 or 15 Things About Adolf Hitler That We Don’t Know.

  • 15 things you didn’t know about TANZANIA, if y’all might nees some help on that, you cam consult me?

  • 15 things you didn’t know about Qatar will be nice to watch since you did the rest of the gulf countries

  • 10 things you can do while you are stuck in traffic.

    Hey Alux, you keep mentioning the time wasted in traffic, although you may know that there is nothing we can do about it, for me i try to listen to valuable stuff on you tube, not my music list, Can you make a video (10 things you can do while you are stuck in traffic)

  • Do a 15 things about Elsa Hosk, or one of 15 things about Rumania

  • Hey, Alux, please make a video on Michael Buffer – he became as famous and mich wealthier than the box stars themselves, he became a box ring announcer after watching a box match with his son, who said ‘dad, you can do better than that’, he is worth $400 million, he registered his trademark phrase ‘get ready to rumble’

  • New jobs and industries of future because you made a video on 15 jobs that will disappear in next 20 years then they will be new jobs and industries that will appear in next 20 years.

  • How about “15 BIG Mistakes by trying to become wealthy”

    or “15 Signs to identify Gold Diggers”

    or “15 satisfying things to do with your Money”

  • Please write a feature / do a video about the Crazy Rich Asians book trilogy by Kevin Kwan. The movie adaptation of the first book is coming out this year and I can’t wait. There is so much content in the book that Alux could explore for a feature, from all the designer clothes to pushing the limits of luxury (koi pond in a private jet?). The theme of wealth in Asia is also an interesting one that is often unknown or misunderstood in the West. So many angles to choose from…

  • Hi #Alux
    I’m your regular follower on YouTube, Facebook.
    So I’m here is to request you to make a video on (15 things you didn’t know about ROWAN ATKINSON) and I had requested you on your youtube comments & also messaged on you’re facebook page.
    Thank you.

  • Which 10 foreign languages will become valuable in the future?

  • Please make a video on ‘UNILEVER’ brand

  • Can you please make a video about ‘Things to know about AMWAY ‘?

  • 15 things about your True lover.

  • ‘how and where to spend money wisely to become rich’. i think that it is the most important stuff to be considered by every aluxers rather than mere facts about others. thanks

  • Dear Alux Team,

    Please make a video on ’15 things about Amway’ or a video about direct selling/multi level marketing industries in the world.


  • Problems faced by peer to peer service providers (for instance Airbnb and Uber) in their early/starting years. If you’ve the same idea in a different niche;
    What’re the mistakes you can avoid?
    What’s the best strategies to use?
    AND any ADVICE, how such a business can ensure success.

  • do a video about Space Tourism , SpaceX , Blue Origin , virgin galactic already have amazing plans in the near future to bring space travel to the Public (or at least rich ones)

  • do a video about Space Tourism .

  • “15 Signs to identify Gold Diggers”

  • *Sabyasachi* is clothing brand. very famous for his work and expensive material .plz do a video if it possible

  • 15 things you didn’t know about wolfgang amadeus mozart

  • Should we take a break after collage or not

  • How to find out what you’re passionate about.

  • “How to be successfull, if you are alone” (and do´nt want to change that)

    • Because, “Support Groups” are in reality, just unnecessary ballast

  • how to talk and act like an alpha male

  • Survivorship bias?

  • Dear Alux.com,

    How about a “15 Things You Didn’t Know About Nieman-Marcus” video?
    Or a “15 Things You Didn’t Know About Jerry Jones” video?
    Chicago, New Orleans, Dallas, and Houston all seem interesting cities for “15 Things…” videos.

  • Do more travel guide type videos like Milan

    • We’re going to Vienna, Austria in 2 Weeks

  • 15 things you didn’t know about ‘Parker’ pens

  • I hope you realise that there are African Alux”ers” watching, are there no Africans that we can learn from?

    Why is Africa considered poor despite the fact most of the western wealth comes from Africa?

    15 Things You Didn’t Know About Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa.

  • 15 things you didn’t know about Pinterest

  • After the Video of today, i would suggest that the next one should be a

    “(Number of) Ways to get a good Start, even without a Mentor” Video.

    Because, you know, not everyone can get in Contact with
    someone who would be a good Mentor, and others just do
    not want make new acquaintances, even if this means taking
    the bumpy Road in every decision they make?.

    Or, just to cover some Basic Knowledge,
    “5 Ways to overcome your Fear of failure, and Start to your Dreams”

  • 15 things about mentors

  • On every video you encourage us to read, why don’t you give us suggestions and recommendations on books we should read.
    Make a video on top 15 books that everyone/aluxers should read…please make it?

  • 15 thing you didn’t know about David Beckham.

  • facts about sony

  • 15 things about Manchester united/Chelsea/ Barcelona f.c/ Real Madrid.

  • something more motivational like 15 thing rich do that poor dont, or 15thing rich people do. 15 things poor people do. … on these lines. pls.. pls pls

  • 15 things you didn’t know about BTS (Bangtan sonyeondan) .

  • 15 things you didn’t know about BTS (Bangtan sonyeondan) or else make a video on one direction

  • please do a descriptive video on netflix

  • 15 things about Iwc

  • Real talk… I’d like to know how to put yourself among people who are winning when you don’t know or never knew anyone on that level… but like realistic means. I hope I’m asking this the right way.

    Thank you.

  • 15 things you didn’t know about Chrysler

  • Alice, your a luxury channel! How did you not talk about Maserati yet! The pinnacle of luxury and proformance! Hope to see a video soon about them! Make sure to talk about the new 2018 Granturismo and the 2020 Maserati Alfieri that will blow the market away!

  • About architects and interior designers,focus point ,best country for them to work,and all important information

  • the most expensive makeup and beauty treatments in the world

  • 15 toughest Engineering Entrance Exam in the world

  • exams giving which can probably change your life or can support your lifestyle .

  • SYLVIA BROWN…One if not the most recognized PSYCHIS in the world… she visited regularly LARRY KING in private as a lot of well know celebrities….
    I’m sure this one attract a lot of us ALUXERS..


  • 10 ways to develop your Intuition

  • Steps to take to develop and sharpen intuition, most people make poor decisions because they do not have any glue on intuition.

  • things about Lincoln

  • Nice work would because success is not just about money but about selfdevelopment

    Next subject.

    Why is failure or failing the best thing that can ever happen to you!

  • 15 things you dine’t know about your eye color

  • Lebron James Should be one!

  • 15 things about mumbai city

  • 15 most powerful kings of the world

  • 15 most powerfull kings of the world

  • 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Sir Roger Moore

  • 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Steinway & Sons

  • 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Harry Houdini- the greatest illusionist in the world

  • top 10 watches for a heirloom

  • 15 things about INdia’s first women president “Pratibha Patil”

  • Gainey Transportation Company in Grand Rapids Michigan bankruptcy and shareholders investments failures and reorganizations

  • Can you please make a video about Football superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi….
    And also about Shahid Khan (Pakistani born American Billionaire)

  • 15 things you didn’t know about the Royal family of The Netherlands !

  • 15 things you didn’t knew about new Zealand

  • 15 things you didn’t knew about shinkansen

  • 15 Things you didn’t know about ISRO. Indian Space and Research Organization.

  • 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Sachin Tendulkar

  • Mumbai!

  • The most expensive dollhouse like Queen Mary’s dollhouse, Colleen Moore’s dollhouse and etc..

  • 15 Things You Didn’t Know about Andrew Carnegie

  • 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Nike

  • 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Malaysian Prime Minister

  • Facts about messi

  • Topic about Michael Jackson

  • Topic about London

  • A topic about Obama

  • 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Mansa Musa (The richest man to ever live)

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