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i am teenager from india. most of indian. they not gets a chance for traveling. they mostly depends on job through { travel package }. plz compare living cost total expanses for living for that another country.Because In India , Those who live in abroad , that’s people will treat better then  who live in own country( India ) . plz make a detail video for that TOPIC . NOT FOR ME ITS HELP ALL INDIA  FOR  INSPIRE  TRAVELING FEEL IS GOOD. 

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    Hi there I’m shrinivas
    I want to help you find out what kind of travellers u want to be I hope this helps you
    There are 3 types of travellers I have come across
    1)people who save money in there country and spend it on travelling these people will go to one country spend their money and go back to work these people spend money on learning or doing something new and not go for expensive things2) people who are already rich these people have a good job (salary) they spend money for fun and adventure.
    3)retired people these people travel just to relax


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