Hey,guys am new here and i have already been inspired after seeing a few of you videos and am 18 and i have a job that pays a thousand and one hundred kwacha(kwacha is a the  currency we use in zambia oh am zambian by the way) and i feel its to low i love to live a life of luxury its all i dream about i smoke pot its my worst and most disturbing habit and i have totally failed to stop my dad almost kicked me out once cause of its a tragic story but am on my feet i work at an internet cafe and i don’t like my pay its to low for me and i wanna make it i wanna have a lot of money so all i really need are ideas on first of how i should quit my pot problem cause lord its a major destruction and second how do i start to get money how do  i make it and what business ideas can you offer  for me to start by myself to make way more money than i currently do???oh and am materialistic i like things and i saw in one of you videos you said not to like things but i think am going to get over that once i have things.


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