What advice would you give to your (10-years ago) younger self?

As time goes on we face different challenges that help us grow and evolve. If you could talk to a much younger self that’s at the beginning of the journey you’re currently on, what advice would you give him/her and what things would you warn him about?

The first thing that comes to my mind is: Read More! as I’ve grown to realize that you never read quite enough and books are years of other people’s experiences compressed in a few hours of read time. That’s how you get ahead!

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    Pay off all debs,and have sex-change to be a woman.

  2. My advice is “don’t be afraid. One day you will make it into that beautiful women you want to be. All that crap your going through, it will stop. Don’t ever be afraid to step into the unknown and don’t be afraid to try new things, make new friends. Don’t ever be afraid. Why? You’re so strong you don’t even know it yet”

    • That’s such a great piece of advice, it always amazes me how meaningless crap that seem important right now turns out to be on the long run!


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