What are the short and long term goals of Rich vs. Poor?

  1. I would like to know what are the those differences between the mindset of a Rich man vs. Poor people.
  2. What are the contradictory things about their goals and aims in life

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    As a future billionaire, I’m glad you asked. I think I can help.

    Once you are rich, your short term goals shift towards becoming more rich and/or buying things that show your rich status to friends and neighbors. Houses, watches, yachts, and so forth. Having these desires is one of the 15 tell-tale signs that you are rich, by the way.

    Some of those products are not always expensive, of course, but if you are seeking the most expensive ones, many helpful lists are at https://www.alux.com/category/most-expensive/

    As a rich person, your long term goals shift towards ensuring that your children will have those same opportunities without working a day in their lives, because that is their obvious birth right. This is why all good Americans oppose the death tax.

    The good news is that the answer is even easier if you meet most or all of the 15 criteria for being a poor person!

    For a poor person, short- and long-term goals focus on paying people who can kick you and your family out of your shelter, as well as keeping up with other bills that keep you warm (or cool), healthy, and safe. Other priorities include not being incarcerated, and consuming enough daily calories to avoid death from malnutrition.

    To address your second point — there’s not anything “contradictory” about this. When you mention contradictions you may be thinking of fringe theories that suggest there’s another way to allocate resources in a modern civilization.

    But in the real world, I assume it obvious to you that both people in the examples above are doing rational things given their situations, and therefore these outcomes are the best possible ones.

    I hope that clarifies it for you!


  2. We’ve covered your first and partially second question in these 2 videos:
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