I’m in highschool. What should I do?

I like AI , IOT , ML , DP , Robotics , Data / Business analytics , Computer vision . Basically what ever that involves Computers and technology . But which to choose as a career . I have a plan to start a business or kinda like startup . I guess so I’m passionate about it ( start up ) . See , I’m the type of person who wants to change the world but not adapt to it by the way I’m so adamant to it . I’m currently in high school . Next people say go get a degree get a job then marriage then babies then their life then retirement then death . But I don’t want such a life . I want to be different ( I want to be odd ) . As I said before I love computers and its technology . I basically love all I mentioned above but what to study/do ? Is there a option to get to know all ?

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