What does it mean to live like you’re poor?

I’m a lot into the elegant style and I’m not really willing to change. It is presentable, simple and timeless. I am also into etiquette and really trying to invest on my appearence . Am I shooting myself on the foot? I really think it has opened opportunties but Im not sure.

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    To me, living like you are poor is asking yourself the question “Do I want or need this” before you buy anything. If you are living like you are poor then any wants cannot be purchased. With regards to your elegant style remember that even Dutchess Katherine and Michelle Obama buy from high street brands like J.Crew. While I understand the desire for elegance, being broke is not elegant.


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    To me, this is not the true meaning. I mean, it doesn’t imply living like THE poor.

    Consider somewone who makes just a little
    above avarage income, he is on a certain point on the scale of wealth, that particular point should be considered relative to two other relative points.

    From the lower point, you are pretty (relatively) wealthy; from the higher point you are relatively poor.

    You should think like your position is lower, from position 3 to position 2.

    Now, you don’t have to live like THE poor to live like your poor.

    Don’t treat the other number 3s and higher like they are “superior”, don’t treat the number 1s and lower like “inferior”.

    That way, you become a rich individual with an easy connection and comprehension to other beings, making you even richer.

    The poor here, is the one that don’t envy others induviduals wealth, no more then rejects those of poor ability for succes.

    You should even embrace the chance of learning what went wrong for a poor situation.


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