What is Famous Restaurants in the Andaman’s

Seafood is very famous in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Hotels and restaurant in Andaman are mostly located in the coastal line. The luxury hotels and medium rated hotels are available here to enjoy your vacation fully. Hotels and eateries are constructed with luxury options to accommodate travellers from all over the world. The south Indian and Chinese food recipes are very popular in Andaman.

New Lighthouse Restaurant: is one of the popular restaurants in Andaman and Nicobar islands. An open-air seafood restaurant is an ideal place for travellers to enjoy amazing dishes while sitting in their car. The grilled fish is the most popular dish in restaurants.

Waves: If you are willing to enjoy the favourite seafood of Andaman, visit this beautiful place. The open-air restaurants in the opposite of the coast make this place ideal for travellers to enjoy their cuisine.

Mandalay Restaurant: The hotel is famous for its western food style with Indian cooking influence. The decoration of the hotel is fully based on the Burmese interior theme and this hotel is known for its luxury.

Hotel Annapurna: The hotel is very near to the lighthouse of Andaman port. Like all other hotels in this city, the hotel is famous for its seafood. The Chinese and south Indian foods add more value to this hotel.

Red Snapper: It is a well known go-to restaurant which has a lot of seafood choices to satisfy your hunger. It is the dining arm of well known Wild Orchid Resort. This restaurant can ooze out the rural charm accompanied with furnishings made of bamboo. It also gives the feel of a tropical restaurant with a thatched roof.

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