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  1. The country you were born


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    A country that affords you the most freedom from economic and individual restrictions. A country that governs least, governs best.
    I was born in the U.S. but by the time I was roughly 40 years of age I knew that I did not want to live there for the rest of my life. The U.S. has progressively become a Police State run by people who care NOTHING whatsoever about its citizens. There are many other countries that are far better places in which to live than the U.S. Hungary is one of these places to be sure. So is Portugal.


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    There is no right or no wrong answer to your question

    To begin with I would like to tell you to evaluate all the options step by step

    List all the countries that you think are the best

    Evaluate the visa terms and conditions

    Ask yourself if you can afford all that invested money for visa and other legal procedures go down the drain in case if you fail

    If you carefully manage and understand and pass all the criteria to live in that country, what are the jobs that you are 100% confident about, will those jobs pay you enough to live at least higher middle class life over there?

    If no, then you definitely need to rethink if you are really looking for the best country or just looking to escape from the present situation



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