What may I do as someone who’s about to enter college to help me become rich?

I am an aspiring Rapper, Entrepreneur and President Of The United States. I’m working toward achieving my dream of being a mainstream rapper and I’m closer to it more than ever before but at the same time, I want to implement the habits of the rich into my life even as a soon to be college kid. I want to learn what habits I can apply that billionaires do so that by the time my career in rap is over, I’ll be in the habits required for moving on to become one of the corporate worlds most successful businessmen. Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated. Thanks.¬†

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Zachary Kartik Prentice 

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  1. The one answer I seek I would like to come from Alux themselves and no one else as I feel they could provide the most accurate reply out of anyone on this site unless of course there are billionaires on here who comment.


    • You are right to seek advices from who already made it. You should read or audiobook Trump’s Think Big and Kick Ass. It is awesome. And the Tim Ferris’ Tools of Titans is also super cool.

      Eat, do, go, be along, only with what, who, where you feel super well, specially the day after, always using the success laser focus that you must promised yourself to have. This is the only thing 100% of the super guys have in common now that they got there.

      Before it, they where driven by a super force to pursue their goals (dreams with planing), most of them did not sleep more than 5 hours a day, used their time to do business, meet important people, study, improve, always.

      Whenever you get 1 million people to watch you, I want to be in the backstage first row with a Matusalem champagne if it was useful. Don’t forget. Keep your word. ???


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    I am also working towards my riches, and from all the things I can find is that one of the biggest ways to get wealth is to attract it. Treat your body well, dress nice, eat well, exercise, think good/positive thoughts, be around people who are wealthy and have the things you want. You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so make sure that they are the people you want to be. Work hard, but make sure you work smarter, and above all, keep learning and investing in yourself.



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