What moment in life made you go: “Something needs to change”?

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    Loosing my brothers made realize how short life really and how it was being wasted by not living up to my potential


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    There have been many moments. The most recent big moment came at the beginning of 2021. I was working in R&D. I’d had a review from my manager that was garbage, while also receiving a prestigious award from another division in our company for that same work. I’d reached an employment milestone and had my finances in order. I retired at the end of winter. I’m now pursuing math research on my own, along with photography, all to answer the question, “What do I want to do next?”


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    1984, talking personal growth classes at Palomar Community College in San Marcos Calif. was stunned to find out there were students with not enough to eat and most of them were single parents. Started a food pantry on campus, huge success, and what turned out to be the first one in the nation. Now food pantry’s at most U.S colleges, many in Canada and Europe. After a year joined up with a human services nonprofit. Opened the first cold weather shelter in California, opened the first emergency shelter for homeless mentally ill women and lived there with wife and 2 kids for 2 years. Ran a 140 ‘guest’ soup kitchen and many other projects. Spent the last 10 years as chief development officer earning the highest awards as the best of the best in North San Diego County. Then retired poor but happy. At that same time a housing bubble peaked and I sold my house for $560,000 and moved to Chapala Mexico, bought a 10,000 sq ft. well worn mansion. converted it into 4 rentals. Wife and I are now secure and happier than we ever thought possible. Anyway I just happened upon ALUX yesterday afternoon and haven’t been to bed yet. Your program should be mandatory for every high school senior. I have a few thoughts that I think will make your apple shine even brighter if you care to chat. Oh and no charge. Now, to bed!


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    I’ve always had champagne taste but unfortunately have only had a juice box budget. I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck and not being able to do things on my terms. While Im successful and content, I still keep chasing. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever come to a point where I can say “this is good”. Money is numbers and numbers go up to infinite amounts. For me, I think it’ll be the point where I can stay home with my wife and kids and let the properties do all the heavy financial lifting.


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    When I realized I needed to make a change in my life was when I bit into a chicken sandwich and a tooth split in half. The small town I live in has one dentist and I couldn’t even afford to get the tooth taken care of. I lived paycheck to paycheck under crippling credit card debt. Ultimately it was around this time in my life that I decided to stop reacting to life and start taking life by the horns and not letting it dictate to me how my life is but how I Want it to be.

    I stopped drinking, filed for medicade to get the tooth pulled, talked to my local bank about helping me to get the credit card debt under control, and started taking responsibility for my mistakes. Change only happens when you take charge of your life, mistakes, and decide that your not going to keep doing the same things that have been keeping you broke and miserable. I learned how to bring in more income and improved some of my processes that were side hustles to get extra funds coming in to help jump start getting my life together.

    It will never be easy when life tells you that you need to make a change, but the effort is worth it if you truly want to improve your life, wealth, and happiness.


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    That moment and point where there is no one to turn to. When help seems too far away


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    The day my husband told me I was a loser


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