What Rich People do that poor people don’t

Hi @Alux.com as a business person, I feel some things on this list were right, but there are more things that define people with money. You should do a part two and include these things that rich people do that poor people don’t. (Not in any particular order) 1) Rich people spend lots of time imagining themselves how they want to be, the way that kids imagine what they want to be when they grow up. 2) Rich people put their dreams into plans, then reality. 3) Rich people fail, but don’t see their failures as failures, but as things to improve. 4) Rich people watch tv differently than most people, they watch to see what they can learn. Ex: Rich people would watch a sitcom to learn behavioral patterns of people or know the latest trends, most people watch to pass time. 5) Successful rich people usually are very talented in sports or the arts (art, design, music or musical instruments) which they usually picked up as a kid. 6) Rich people were mostly outcasts growing up, because they didn’t fit in, didn’t try to fit in, or were socially awkward. They focused not on being cool, but what they wanted to do in life at the time. 7) Successful rich people tend to have at least one very supportive parent, or mentor. This influential person kept them strong to be successful. 8) Rich people avoid negative people, and avoid being negative towards themselves. 9) Rich people like to think of ways to make things better. 10) Rich people tend to feel more confident. 11) Rich successful people speak with the feeling that what they say is important. 12) Most successful rich people were average at school with grades, but disciplined in behavior. 13) Most rich people get nice things (cars, clothes, jewelry, houses) not to show off, but to reward themselves. 14) Before they become rich, rich successful people keep a mental note of how things in life treated them, and make sure that it turns out well, then they tell their story instead of hiding it. 15) Rich successful people like to say where they came from, and the experiences they went threw as a teaching tool to others, and don’t usually hide the details of their past.

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  1. I was thinking the exact same thing! We should do a part 2 with the things Rich People Do this time!

    Your list is very insightful and will definitely mention some of this points when the video comes!


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    I saw your list and I must agreed with it? Nicely done



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