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    1. Read: Because leaders are readers. The more you read, the more ahead of you from the crowd. Reading is a great habit to form which will give you long-term benefits.

    2. Learn to self-love: Teenagers these days fall in love, get their heart broken and get into depression and lose the focus. Before falling in love with someone else try to understand yourself. Love yourself. Understand the value and comfort in solitude. I’m this way when you decide to get into a serious relationship you will be ready and even it leads to failure, it will not affect your life much.

    3. Stay away from addictions: Teenage is the time when most of the people take up addictions like smoking cigarettes and / or addictions of other substances, it starts to get validation from the peers but trust me you will thank yourself in your twenties for saying “No” for that first cigarettes offered to you by your friend.

    4. Financial literacy: School and colleges don’t talk about finances, even parents consider this as a taboo topic but you should be able to manage your finances. Try to learn it from some adult. They might try to avoid the topic in the start but later they will surely help you to understand your finances.

    5. Try some business: Learn to understand business, try to run a small business it could be anything, may be hosting a garage sale or anything. Learn the business or better fail in a business. This early failure will teach you a lot about business.

    I am in my late twenties and I can not thank enough for my younger self for having such great habits which has shaped my life very well.

    Here are some other great habits that I can recommend: Meditation, Have a mentor, Be with the right group of people with growth attitude…

    I can go on taking on this particular topic but these are the best things on the top of my head right now.

    All the best, the world is yours, go get it…

    Sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes, I typed this on my phone while walking.


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