What should I do or which path should I take?

First of all I thanks to all of your team to do such great things.

I am going to be 17 year old this year. I live in India. I passed class 12th two years before in 2016 from Maths. I think I am good in my all subjects such as Maths Physics Chemistry Computer and so on. Now -a – days I am doing B.Sc Maths from a private institution. This year I am giving first year exam as it is clear that I waste a year doing nothing too much but now I am not satisfied from myself. This year I filled some application form to get admission in better university for doing my graduation from Physics. And the chance to get admission is better. But now I think that to made money I have no skills like computer knowledge( coding alogrithm AI) ,communication skills , ànd so on. But I want to be something I don’t know. Some times,First  I think I go to do my Ph.d in cosmology as I interested in Space Time continuation but rahter it takes so much time to complete the degree. So I think I would take all knowledge this year which I study in coming years because I have a better thing I think learn so much fast but I am not so confident to doing this because it takes to much effort and till now I didn’t start. As seeing your video I setup a financial goal of $1m for this year. And I know that if I work really hard I am gonna achieve it but I have a real issue of procastinating my work and thinking and thinking always. I think almost 20 hours a day about my goals but never work on them. I made a plan to achieve it but never complete any task which I given to myself. I woke up early 4:00  go to bed at 23:30  but do not use time wisely. What should I do? Will I drop my idea of getting rich before my 20 birthday or I don’t know because I don’t even think of getting fail in my dreams.I want noble prize in theoretical physics also before my 20s. But it really frustates me sometime.

Please give me better advice to not procastinating my time because I am going to complete all my dreams reality no matter what should I have to do?

Thanking you

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