What was it like growing up rich?

When did you realize you were actually rich and how did that affect your life?

Please share your stories!

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    When your parents get divorced and you catch on to the fact that your mom is going back to court again and again over more “child support”(when already being given the highest percentage allowed by the state(an equivalent of $70,000/year per kid)) and not more custody(not that she should have, she was not the most caring of mothers and always tried to say my father had to pay everything… $70,000x 4 kids is $280,000 a year for 50% custody and you don’t have to work at all… she could have paid for everything we did easily. Then she worked on top of it and acted like she had no money for us or food, but then bought whatever she wanted for herself). When your mom goes back to court in a divorce over more money and not more custody is how you realize you grew up rich. On top of the fact that everyone at school said you were rich and you never even said you had money once.


  2. My mom usually never told me about our family income resulting in me getting curious day by day. Here in India, $2000 is a big deal and it was when I was surfing my dad’s laptop one day, I came across an official statement that made me realize our worth. I discovered he was earning around $200,000 annually (not including the income from our 3 businesses of play schools, hotels and medical equipments; he was in the bank BTW). I also realized our worth when my dad usually donated around $10,000 for various reasons. I also realized our financial condition when I found that I was the owner of a watch collection worth $132,000 at the age of 16. My family is too modest in day to day life and we live really in a subtle manner with everyone being humble and yeah that really kept me and my siblings realizing our worth. It’s not really something great being rich because your peers are always weird around your money game and feel irritated and suffer from inferiority complex. However those who don’t care about money are the happiest in the world.


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    I grew up on the Main Line of Philadelphia. I went to private school and always had all the things that I wanted and needed. I had my own room with my own private phone. This was the 60’s when many home did not have phones. I learned the value of money early on. My mother taught me never to buy cheap items. The best usually cost more. Save until you had enough to buy whatever you want. You will appreciate and take care of that item. My first dream car was a BMW 320i. I paid for it with cash at the age of 25, I bought my first house (a duplex) at 23 and my second (a triplex) at 24. This all sounds very nice, but ho hum, until you realize that I was raised in a single parent household. My mom worked 3 jobs to provide this stable life style for me, my sister and her self. Yes, I was raised as a rich kid, but due to the hard work of my mother, I realized that it takes a lot of hard work to keep all these balls in the air.


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