What would be your dream job?

I’m curious to what people think their dream job would be, and by dream job I mean a job you could do for at least 20-30 years in which you would still be happy, fulfilled and enjoy it ’till the last day.

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    Hi, I’m Hitarth.
    I’m only 16 and as of now my dream job is to be a good software developer(I’m on my way to pursue it)…However I would also like to be an astronaut and hopefully live on other planets.
    The reason for both is that I enjoy writing code and developing algorithms…also Space Exploration is very fascinating.
    I hope so this my answer your question.

    • Thank you for your answer! Congratulations on your pick as a software developer, it’s pretty exciting to be learning that in this time period, plenty of potential.

      Regarding the 2nd one, by the time you’re 40 the world as we know it will dramatically change, so you might even get to go to another planet in your lifetime!

      Exciting days we’re living!

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    Editor in Chief for a Fashion Magazine! Mainly Vogue. But we all need to start somehwere!

    • Cool! Good luck with it! You know you can publish editorials here also right? If it helps, find websites like Alux and become a contributor, that way people will see your work and maybe you get lucky!

  3. I’d say Pilot for either Air France or Cathay Airline ????? ; )

  4. Formula 1 racing driver 😀
    You get to travel around the world. Your nation considers you as a hero. You have fans rooting for you. You get paid (a lot) for speeding.
    Super. Duper. Cool!

  5. Airline pilot

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    Securities trader. I love the idea of predicting the future and putting my money on the line to prove I’m right. Besides, the hours are awesome and you can basically do it from anywhere with an internet connection.

  7. Being owner of several businesses.

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    My dream job to become Painter ( Artist ) or creative Designer (Graphics)

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    I would love to be a financial adviser/investor. I have already started a few investments for myself and preach about finances to anyone who cares to listen, but I don’t quite have the confidence to go into people’s homes and teach them about it yet. I am very passionate about it though and wish more people would care to learn at least the basics of money management. I think the whole world would be much better off if we all did.

  10. My dream job would be being a chef and cooking different dishes daily. I also want to open a hotel in the future.

  11. I am 16 and would probably inherit all of my family businesses in future. Adding to that I want to open a luxury clothing brand and fashion products line and also train myself to become a watchmaker. I am a watch collector and dream of opening a watch brand based on my own creativity and skill (something just like Richard Mille did).

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    hello, I am ayush raj frome India
    I want to do graphics designer job and i want to be great graphics designer.

    i am going to do a job in this website only.
    thank you,


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