What would you suggest me to do in this particular situation?

I’m an Uruguayan 13-year-old. As an Uruguayan who speaks English pretty well (B2 level), and after seeing some Alux videos, I’m inspired to teach English to younger children myself, as that is pretty much needed here. I was thinking of charging around 1.5 dollars (50 Uruguayan pesos) per hour, but I feel like “Why would people even pay that amount of money when they can get better-quality classes from certified teachers at only a slightly higher rate?”. After asking that question, I arrived to the alternative of offering free clases in the primary school I used to go, which would make me earn experience which could potentially make my service become better, enabling me to charge more in the future. So, do I charge or do I offer free classes?

If I got some money I would save it to buy some relatively cheap real estate and rent it, to start generating income.

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