What's Wrong With the World?

We're considering making a video explaining the most important elements that are wrong in the world and would love to hear your opinion on the topic before we get started!

As always we'll be in the comments discussing and sharing ideas! Thanks!

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  1. In my opinion, what is wrong with this world, is that we don’t care anymore. We stopped carrying about one and other, and because of that we let things to just be.
    But luckily, there are still people who share, and care; an inspiration for all of us.
    And I also think that the way we think it influences our way of doing things. The way that we were thought to think it has a great impact on our personality. Since we are young, our parents teach us certain things that they believe are appropriate. I believe that those things need to change. We’ve changed, everything has changed, but not why our way of seeing things?
    “Old ways won’t open new doors.” We need to stop listening to everything older people tells us to do, because certain things have changed.
    I also believe that we, as a people, we should be more united, to fight poverty, starvation and diseases. Those should be our focus, not wars.
    Anyway, that’s my sincere opinion, I’m looking forward for your reply.



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