Where do I find rich people to hang around with?

Hello Alux.com and community. I trust that this day finds you all quite well. I am a SUPER avid and EXTREMELY religious viewer of the Alux YouTube channel. I absolutely LOVE it and is very, very mind opening!

One of the points that is brought up, quite frequently, is that in order to become richer yourself, it might not be such a bad idea to start to hang out with others who are already there.

For me, I am not a multi-millionaire. But, I am not living in the worst part of town, either.

I have a fairly modest monthly inheritance (and, before I get “it” from anyone, it is FAR from being in the millions of dollars).

I live in a two bedroom apartment, in Celebration, Florida. I drive a Chevrolet Cruze. My clothes are UNIQLO. I own Apple products, enjoy Starbucks, and have an annual pass to Walt Disney World (to save money, obviously).

I ALSO have my own, thriving business. Pazzaria Productions.

I feel like I am building my wealth. I DO invest in assets that pay me back.

If I am going to seek out people of larger means than I, it needs to be a mutual collaboration. I am not after anyone’s money.

Alux. What do you suggest?

Thanks so much.

Have a great one!

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    You can find rich people from dry cleaners as they wear high-quality clothing that requires dry clean method, they hang out at high-end grocery stores to purchase fresher & healthier choice of fruits & groceries, they hang out at antique shops, galleries, museums to auction/purchase antiques & luxurious commodities that preserve historical & cultural values, wine bars, gyms, sports clubs, schools, airports to house parties, these are all great places to meet someone rich.


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    Too bad Alux doesnt respond as yet. I just subscribed out of curiosity. Retiring dentist at 59, a few inventions in the pipeline…
    I suggest golf courses. A place where people of means get out to defuse, as they say. Not much more to offer you im afraid, but im not convinced riches necessarily create meaning nor satisfaction. Those are to be fiund in a noble cause or in responsibility.
    Just my 5 cents


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    There is one place on the internet where you can find rich people—Mazavyapar.com’s Book reading club. Try it once. Maybe you will find a few great people there. It’s a place where all the wealthy entrepreneurs read books together.


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