Would You Date Someone Who Isn’t Funny At All but is Rich? Explain Your Answer!

No matter your gender, would you seriously date someone who’s really not funny but well off?

What’s your reasoning?


1. You’re dating them because you’re looking for something long term

2. You’ll go on multiple dates and even end up introducing him/her to your friends and family.

3. Their parents are rich and at some point him/her will inherit most of the fortune.


2 answers

  1. Short answer: NO!

    Long answer: Life is really too short to spend it around people who can’t laugh. It also depends on how rich she is, it might be interesting to look into the life of someone who’s incredibly wealthy just to see what it’s like. But if I were to be looking for something serious, I’d consider getting to know them, who knows, maybe she has other qualities and still be friends, but I could never imagine growing old with someone I can’t laugh with.


  2. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t date someone just because he is rich. I am looking for someone with who I can get along very well and definitely he has to be funny and charming as well. Money is nothing when it comes to love, especially when it is about a long term relationship or your soulmate.



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