Yours comments on the USA 2016

By Victor Kaempfen

Dear Aluxers

I like your comments but I never agree on your comments concerning the US.

-Oil? The US is rich on oil reserves; why go to Afganistan?

Afganistan: the US was attacked by terrorists; every nation would respond to this action by military means?

Wars? The Germans are responsible for the death of 50 million people; the communism for at leasts 70 millions and Islam for many millions; please check historic documents.

Indian wars: the amercian indians killed at least 35’000 people; the same number were the indian victims; the Indian tribes never would have accepted medical help or treatment; did you forget the victims of all the spanish and portoghese conquistadores? Please check historic documents.

Emprisonnement: did you forget how many people are starving in chinese, north-korean, cuban, persian and other prisons?

For millions of people still now, the US is the land of hope, liberty and democracy and the land of opportunity for the Alux-communtiy.

With the best wishes and greeting

Victor Kaempfen (a convinced Aluxer)

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