The World’s Top 15 Richest Celebrity Chefs

25 August 2016

Have you ever wondered why those fine dining dishes are so costly? These richest celebrity chefs are one of the reasons!

A professional chef can earn a lot of money from either working in a top-class restaurant or managing his own. When the TV spotlight finds him, he will earn even more. Hence these richest celebrity chefs.

These people become famous not just because they look good on TV, but also because of their inventions of either simple mouth-watering home dish or spectacular gastronomical creation.

I followed some of these chefs’ work for a couple of years. And I can tell you that my cooking skills have improved a lot. Believe me, I could only cook noodles before. Now, I can make my own Beef Wellington without any recipe!

These people are inspiring. From them, you will understand that cooking is not about following recipe. Cooking is like a science project. You mix things up to create one yummy dish on a plate.

We picked out fifteen celebrity chefs and ranked them based on their estimated net worth. So, let’s start the countdown and get ready to be inspired!

15. Rocco DiSpirito ($4.5 million)

The World's 15 Richest Celebrity Chefs | #15. Rocco Dispirito ($4.5 million)
The World’s 15 Richest Celebrity Chefs | #15. Rocco DiSpirito ($4.5 million) | source: foxbusiness.com

Rocco DiSpirito is currently the face of two food shows: Now Eat This! with Rocco DiSpirito and Restaurant Divided. Both shows started around four years ago. However, Rocco has been on TV for over a decade.

On Now Eat This! with Rocco DiSpirito, he inspires people to cook their favorite high-calorie foods and turn it into guilt-free dishes! He is on a mission to change people’s negative perceptions on healthy food through this.

Prior to this show, Rocco was a guest judge in Top Chef. Also, he wrote several award-winning cookbooks. TV and cookbooks seem to be the main sources of his $4.5 million net worth.

Being an Italian born in United States, expect a mix of Italian-American cuisine from Rocco’s recipes. Unfortunately, Rocco is not currently cooking for any restaurant for us to taste his foods.

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