Ten Richest Celebrity Single Moms

1 July 2015

Ten Richest Celebrity Single Moms

Being a mom is a tough job however, being a celebrity mom is even a much difficult job, but the richest celebrity single moms seem to have all that covered.

Having a baby is what a husband and wife wish for after they get married, and it’s that one thing that completes the family.

But sometimes, after the baby is born, that family starts to fall apart, and eventually the kid(s) end up with one of their parents. Some will be raised by their dads, and some will be raised by their moms, just like the single moms from our list are doing.

No matter what the situation will be, the baby will always end up with the richest parent, or the one that can provide a good life for him. The situation is similar for the celebrities.

They also get married and have babies, just like the rest of the world. And they also get divorces and become single parents.

We have gattered a list with the wealthiest celebrity moms in the world right now. A single mom is the person that is raising a kid, alone. In this list, we only have single mothers that aren’t back with the father of their kids, and/or are single or in a relationship, not married.

Does that makes any sens? Well, it will, after you read the richest celebrity moms!

N10. Diane Keaton -$32 million

Another rich celebrity single mom is Diane Keaton. She has been acting for a long time now, and is famous for acting in many films.

Among the most liked films she did are The First Wives Club, Father of the Bride, and Marvin’s Room. But she is more than an actress: she is a producer, director and writer, and the most important of them all is that she is a mother.

Keaton is the mother of two beautiful children, Keaton and Dexter, whom she adopted. The death of her father inspired her to start a family and she couldn’t wait until marriage, so she didn’t follow the conventional ways.

Diane Keaton has also been linked to famous actors like Al Pacino and Warren Beatty, who both went on to marry other women. Keaton remains friends with them both.

Ten Richest Celebrity Single Moms
Ten Richest Celebrity Single Moms N9. Diane Keaton -$32 million |via: http: famebiography.net|
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