Which Company is Leading F1 Race against Revenue?

20 December 2016

Have you ever wondered who runs the Formula 1 business? Here are the sport’s richest companies based on the company value.

While Formula 1 is on the break, and while we wait for Mercedes to announce the world champion’s replacement, let’s talk about the richest companies behind the sport. To give the fans the world’s most expensive sport throughout one entire season, it takes some of the best and leading companies in the world together to make it happen.

This sport has gone through such transformation for decades. When it all first started, drivers just had to drive sports cars as fast and skillful as they could. But today, besides all of those, some of the world-changing technologies are applied on the Formula 1 cars.

And these fifteen richest companies are responsible for the merge of motorsport and technology. We are not talking about sponsors here. These companies actually contribute to making the sport what it is today.

So, we gathered information about their company value and revenue from several sources such as Forbes and Wikipedia. And we ranked them on this list for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

15. McLaren Technology Group (Estimated Value: $500 million)

Richest Companies of Formula 1 Gran Prix Racing | #15. McLaren Technology Group (Estimated Value: $500 million)
Richest Companies of Formula 1 Gran Prix Racing | #15. McLaren Technology Group (Estimated Value: $500 million) | source: mclaren.com

Unfortunately, we start things of with what it seems to be a bad news for the sport’s fans. As one of them, I have never known Formula 1 without Ron Dennis in it. One of the richest people in the sport, and one of the most important, Ron had to say goodbye since he was sacked from the McLaren Racing team in the middle of last season.

And to think that he was the founder of McLaren Technology Group, that is rather harsh. Ron has been the key person of the company since 1985 when it all began. But since he cut his company share to just 25%, he was no longer in control.

The company has three subsidiaries: McLaren Racing, McLaren Automotive, and McLaren Applied Technologies. It has around $500 million of estimated value. And it generates around $20 million of net income per year.

Zak Brown is the company’s new Executive Director. The main stakeholder is Bahrain Government Holding Company. And more than five thousand employees are working hard to make McLaren Formula 1 Racing team great again.

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