Richest Kid in Dubai is Living the Life of Dreams

17 November 2017

The Amazing Lifestyle of the richest kid in Dubai

The rich and famous have their own way of doing things. They put hard work in to earn their money and they enjoy life to the fullest. These are the things that inspire millions of people around the world to keep on pushing, keep on putting in more work. Our motto here at Alux is to inspire people to keep on pursuing their dreams by keeping them up to date with all the luxury news. After all it is easier to push harder when you have your goal in sight. One such inspiration is Rashed Saif Belhasa, popularly known as “the richest kid in Dubai”.

richest kid in Dubai first pic

Rashed is the son of construction billionaire Saif Ahmed Belhasa. Saif  built his empire in Dubai with construction and then branched out to many different industries and found the Saif Belhasa Group. Saif is estimated to be worth an astounding $2.5 billion. It is only befitting his son to have such a life.

richest kid in Dubai driving centerOne of the most well known branch of the group is the Belhasa Driving School, a place where you can learn to drive in a Mercedes or Range Rover. This is where the rich kids of Dubai learn to drive.

The Lifestyle

Rashed, only 15 is living the life every teenager dreams of. He lives in one of the most expensive houses in Dubai. His house is famous for its’ farm which houses many exotic animals. You can find Bengal Tigers, super rare white tigers, Giraffes, Zebras and even Chimpanzees in his famous farm. No wonder all the celebrities visiting Dubai flock here.

richest kid in Dubai celeb and tiger

Rashed at this young age has already met more celebrities than most of us would in our entire lifetime. Just cjeck out his Instagram page and you will see what I am talking about.

Wizkhalifa visited him even before his 15th birthday. Wiz checked out his amazing sneaker collection.

Boxer Anthony Joshua taught Rashed a few moves when he came to visit the kid in his crib.

Here you can see Rashed hanging out with the notorious musician Pitbull.

Rashed has built an amazing collection of sneaker, one that every teenager dreams of. He has more than 2000 pairs of sneakers and he recently built a separate temperature controlled room with surveillance just for his sneakers. Celebrities who visit him make sure that they visit his sneaker collection. It is only befitting that the richest kid in Dubai has the best sneaker collection in the country.

Social Media Presence

Rashed has become enormously famous in social media. He is more widely known as the “richest kid in Dubai’. In just a few years he has amassed close to a million followers in his Instagram profile. His celebrity photos and photos his extravagant lifestyle has propelled him to internet stardom.

Rashed’s Youtube page now has one million subscribers and it is growing fast. He also stars regularly in other famous Youtube vloggers videos such as Mo Vlogs and DJ Bliss.

Rashed is now working on making himself a business magnet like his father. However, the route he has taken is different. He is using his social media fame to start businesses. He has recently launched a clothing line which he co-owns with designer Ross Mackay. The streetwear line is called “Kings Ambition” which we found to be very appropriate. You can check out their merchandise online. He has also launched the “Moneykicks” online store which is selling some seriously lit bags, shirts, hoodies and other merchandise. Recently he even got his Ferrari covered in a Louis Vuitton and Supreme themed wrap as part of a publicity stunt.

There is a lot more of richest kid of Dubai coming in the future. Stay with Alux to get the latest and greatest news of everything luxury.

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