15 Richest NBA Teams Based on Team Value

9 August 2016

You may know that basketball is a popular sport. But do you know that the playing teams are earning buck load of money? Just take a look at these top 15 richest NBA teams.

If you ever wondered which the world’s richest NBA teams are, you have come ro the right place. We have your answer right here!

NBA players are known, among other things, for their wealth. But have you ever guessed how much their teams are actually worth? If you are thinking millions of dollars, scratch that thought.

According to Forbes, the average NBA franchise’s worth is around $1.25 billion. Yep, you read it right. Billions of dollars. And they are only getting higher and higher. In fact, that value has gone up 13% in 2015 compared to the previous year. We have only four more months to wait and see how much that percentage will grow this year.

NBA teams are owned mostly by successful businessmen who know how to greatly increase the value of their investments. So, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s take a look at the world’s richest NBA team according to their current business value.

15. Portland Trail Blazers – $975 million

Richest NBA Teams | The Top 15 List | #15. Portland Trail Blazers - $975 million
Richest NBA Teams | The Top 15 List | #15. Portland Trail Blazers – $975 million | source: gettyimages.com

We start the list off with Portland Trail Blazers. This team is owned by Paul Allen who purchased it for $70 million in 1988. The current value of the Trail Blazers is $975 million, which is 4% higher than the previous season’s value.

The majority of that value comes from the NBA itself ($346 million). And the rest is spread almost evenly among market, stadium, and brand.

During last season, the team generated $157 million of revenue. From that, the total operating income (before interest, tax, etc.) is $4.1 million. However, it still owes around 11% of debt.

Despite losing 80% of their starting lineup squad, fans are still rooting for the team. This is reflected by the level of ticket renewals which is 97%. That is the fifth highest among other NBA teams.

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