Top 15 Richest NFL Players in the World

20 August 2016

Since 1920, football has been the source of fun and fund in United States, especially for these richest NFL players!

Before we get on to see who the richest NFL players are, here is what you should know. While the rest of the world refer “football” as the sport with twenty players on the field kicking around one round ball into the opposite’s net, Americans refer it as something else.

So, what is American football? Well, let Wikipedia help you here, Muggles.

For the rest of you, let’s get down to business. We rank fifteen all-time NFL (National Football League) players based on their net worth today.

Some of them have retired from the sport, some are active players. Either way, they all share one thing in common: loaded bank account. Even though some of them got most of their money not directly from NFL, being top NFL players is definitely the start of their wealthy kingdom.

Without further ado, here are the current all-time richest NFL players!

15. Jim Brown – $50 million

Top 15 Richest NFL Players in the World | #15. Jim Brown - $50 million
Top 15 Richest NFL Players in the World | #15. Jim Brown – $50 million | source: syracuse.com

Jim Brown is an athlete turned into actor. He is now 80 years of age. And he has been in more than forty movies ever since he retired from professional American football.

Some of them are The Dirty Dozen, 100 Rifles, The Running Man, and the latest, Draft Day as himself. It looks like these movies are the source of most of his $50 million net worth.

Brown was Cleveland Brown’s fullback from 1957 to 1965. He helped the team to win the NFL championship in 1964. It was a perfect way to wrap up things up. Throughout his entire career, he scored 126 touchdowns.

He also started his career as perfect. In fact, he won the NFL Rookie of the Year award on his first year in NFL. Considering that, $12,000 ($102,837 today) weekly salary seemed to be a good deal for both parties then.

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