Richest People In Canada 2014 | Top 10

22 September 2014

Richest People In Canada 2014 | Top 10

If you were wondering who are the richest people in Canada you are in the right place!

With ten provinces and three territories, Canada is one big country!

And big and strong countries surely have some billionaires around!

Today we are going to see who are the wealthiest men in Canada and how they’ve earned their fortunes!

Some of them have inherited a great empire and they are just keeping the business going further, and some of them have founded their own successful business.

But nevertheless, they know how to earn money! So let’s have a look at Canada’s richest people!

10.Bernard Sherman

The first billionaire on our list is Barry Sherman. 

Net worth: $4 billion

Source: Pharmaceuticals

Barry Sherman is the chairman and CEO of Apotex, a pharmaceutical corporation which is the largest producer of generic drugs in Canada. He has a doctorate in rocket science from MIT and used his mother’s money to buy the basis of his company from his uncle.

If at first the business had just 2 employees, Apotex now has more than 6.500 employees, who produce 300 different generic drugs.

He was sued by his cousins for a partial stake in Apotex, due to the fact that the firm was bought from his uncle.

Richest People In Canada - 10. Bernard Sherman
Richest People In Canada – 10. Bernard Sherman
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