Richest People In Turkey 2014 | Top 10

17 September 2014

Richest People In Turkey 2014 | Top 10

Wondering who are the richest people in Turkey?

We got it covered! Since Turkey it’s an important economic power, it’s only normal that some of the country’s wealthiest people are billionaires.

With a major change since last year, Turkey’s top 10 richest people have traded places, and while some saw their fortune decrease, others became even richer than they were.

So without any further talking, let’s see the top 10 billionaires in Turkey in 2014!

10.Ahmet Nazif Zorlu

The first on our list is Ahmet Nazif Zorlu.

Net Worth: $1.6 billion

Source: Self made, diversified

Along with his brother, Ahmet Nazif Zorlu is the founder of a textile company which eventually turned into Turkey’s largest exporter.

The Zorlu Holding completed the Zorlu Center project, including a shopping mall, residences, offices and a hotel in the Zincirlikuyu neighborhood of Istanbul. The company also invested in consumer electronics and energy.

The billionaire is also the founder of the first nickel refinery in Turkey.

Richest People In Turkey - Ahmet Nazif Zorlu
Richest People In Turkey – Ahmet Nazif Zorlu
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