“Ro House” Is The Perfect of Example of Minimal Luxury

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    Inside “Ro House” – A Modern Minimal Luxury Home in Mexico

    The world is changing, so is the climate and so are what people perceive as luxury, that’s where the Ro House comes in!

    With all these changes in mind, the architecture firm Carrillo Architects took on this project in order to create what today we call minimal luxury.

    The entire place is a mixture of interconnecting interior and exterior places covered by terraces that are filled by only the essentials, essentials which were carefully selected to make sure they deliver the right ambiance.

    Ro House is comprised of 3 volumes. The first one has to do with services such as the kitchen that is covered by a glass dome.

    The second volume leads into the dining & living room placed between the patio which is perfect for serving breakfast, and a terraces area that’s a mix between green plants, glass roofs and concrete.

    The 3rd volume has its focus on recreational spaces, as the last patio is outdoors, forming a multi-functional space with a clear view of the aesthetics of the place.

    Finally, on the second floor you’ll find the sleeping quarters.

    But enough with the presentation, let us show you the house!

    Ro House Alux

    Ro House Alux

    This chill spot has a special place in our heart!

    Imagine having your friends over, sitting at the bar or on the sofa with that wooden ceiling above! Incredible!

    Ro House Alux

    arqpablogafi fotografia de arquitectura

    The place truly has the perfect blend between the wood, green spaces, the coldness of the concrete and that extra touch of elegance that we look for in a luxury property!

    arqpablogafi fotografia de arquitectura

    arqpablogafi fotografia de arquitectura arqpablogafi fotografia de arquitectura ro-house-aaron-carrillo-diaz-architects-05-640×960

    Ro House Alux

    If this isn’t what you’re looking for, you might want to take a look at our most expensive houses in the world article, those prices are really insane!

    What is your take on the Ro House? Do you belive that this new type of design will catch on and be seen more often in the houses of millionaires and billionaires, or would you rather go for something like Calvin Klein’s $16 Million Beach house in Miami?

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