You know all the private jet instagram pics? They’re fake!

17 November 2017

Russian company is renting grounded private jets for photo shoot.

A Russian company by the name of Private Jet Studios has brought in an unique opportunity for the masses.  Owning a private jet is a dream which doesn’t come true for most of the people. If you follow the rich kids of Instagram then I’m sure you have always wanted to live the over the top lifestyle. Even though you can’t get their lifestyle overnight. However, you now have a chance to recreate some of the photos and frankly have some fun with your Instagram followers. A Russian company rents private jet for photo shoot and everybody is welcome to have their dream photos taken. If you are planning to go to Russia then heading there should be in your list of things to do.

Russian company rents private jet for photo shoot introductory Image

Want to make your friends envy you or just leave them confused. Want photos like the rich kids of instagram or like the ones celebrities take. This is your opportunity as a Russian company is here to help you out. Privatejetstudio is a privately owned Russian company that rents out grounded private planes for two hour sessions. You can use the time to snap the perfect photo and generate serious Instagram heat. Your friends will envy you and your Instagram page will get loaded with likes.


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The Pricing

The thing is not really cheap. However, it is definitely cheaper than the plane! You will get the Gulfstream 65 for the money you pay.  A two hour photo shoot with a professional photographer will cost you 14,00 roubles or around $250. If you take your own photographer you can get your two hours for 11,000 roubles or $200. You can also get professional video for $450.

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What’s for Offer?

You have the opportunity to get a touch up before the photo shoot as they have professional make up artist in site. If you hire their professional photographer he will come with all the necessary equipment to get the perfect shot. The photographer will also do the necessary editing afterwards. You can also request other things such as an expensive car or models who will pose as body guards, all for a reasonable price of course.

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There are lots of photos on their Instagram page portraying many happy customers. We have included few pictures which we loved here.


You can act like you are enjoying the serene beauty of the clouds. Your followers in Instagram will love it and your friends will be blown away.

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Lunch time on a private jet ?? ph: @mariana_zh

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You can also just go silly and have a McDonald’s meal in the private jet. This will definitely get you a lot of attention.

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That's why they call him money Mayweather

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Many people are recreating photos of their favorite celebrities. We loved this photo recreation of the famous Justin Bieber photo.

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Some people are even bringing their dog on board. After all dogs need to impress some people.Right!

Next time you are in Russia be sure to check this out. This just might be the inspiration you need to get you on your track to becoming the next billionaire.

So, what do you think about this opportunity? Let us know in the comment section.

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