10 Smartest Celebrities in the World

5 July 2014

2. Dolph Lundgren

Can the action hero be a combination between brains and brawn? It is comfortable when the muscled guy who beats up everybody and saves the day, is also an intelligent person. Dolph Lundgren proves that the size of your muscles can be compared to the size of your brain.

This particular action hero actor, is one of the smartest celebrities, with an IQ of 160, speaking 5 languages and with an impressive collection of over 40 action movies.

Dolph Lundgren graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Chemistry after sever scholarships in the same domain at Washington and  Clemson University.

The Swedish actor continued with two years in the marine corps, and pursued chemistry at the Royal Institute of Technology where he obtained a chemical engineering diploma.

This particular domain was for Dolph an important one because in the years he was in Sydney he graduated a masters degree in chemical engineering.

His acting career started when the actor just enrolled at MIT, the university giving him a Fulbright Scholarship. But the modeling career and the fresh started acting career of Dolph made him drop out from the prestigious university and follow his brand new and exciting film life.

Chemistry helped him later, with the knowledge he gained in the fitness, to release his own personal range of vitamins and supplements and also to publish a book on how to maintain your weight with a fitness program.

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Dolph Lundgren

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