So what’s NEW?

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Hello Aluxer, how about that?! Ealuxe is now and the name isn’t the only thing that changed!

Because we want you to have the best experience possible here, we decided to make this quick walk through of what’s new so you can make the most out of the time spent with us!

We loved as it was, but our community outgrew it.

Although we take great pride in the quality of the work we put into our stories we rarely had you guys involved in the creation process! That needed to change and with it we changed everything!


Your Stories on Alux

We want to get to know you! To hear your story and help you inspire hundreds of thousands of people that dream the same way as you do!

Problem: The conversation between us was always a one way street! It was time to change that!

Solution: With one click you are signed in with facebook and the journey begins! We make it incredibly easy for you to inspire other with your personal stories, adding images & videos that you found inspiring or starting a conversation with our beloved community!

Where: In the top left corner you’ll find a few icons that depict the section of the website where posts from all of you guys are brought together & you can either endorse a story by upvoting it to the homepage or downvote it if you don’t think it should be here.



Build A Following!

You can now follow your favorite Aluxers and they can follow you!

In order to help you grow your personal brand we developed a Follow function through which people that enjoy what you post can cialis generique avis have your content curated and displayed separately, so they make sure they get to read your best stories!

Not only people can follow you, they have access to everything you published on your profile and also to your links to social media and website!

If you’re an up and coming blogger, Alux is perfect to reach a great audience with your quality work!

The best of you will make it onto the leader-board and your best work will be featured on all out social networks so you get a complete endorsement from us!



MyLux: Your New Favorite Place!

We put everything you personally like, Aluxer, in one place!

We all have mentors and people that inspire us to become better. You can now Follow these people and everything they post will go straight to your personal feed!

Alux is filled with friends & incredible people that you can learn from! Never miss another post by those you care about by following them!

The quality of your MyLux feed is up to you you to personalize, follow whoever talks about the things you are most interested in!

MyLux is your personal space on Alux, enjoy!




Alux is now your personal shopping assistant!

We partnered with World-Renowned brands to make shopping easier straight from our website!

The most frequent question we get from you guys is: Where can I buy that?! We took it into consideration and developed a little something we like to call “Assisted Shopping“!

The brands you see on the left are just a few we have partnered with in order for you to have a quick checkout option!

Whenever we mention a product that is in one of the partnered stores you will see a BUY ITEM button on the corner right of the image. You can visit the store, see different colors and options!

With assisted shopping you are a few clicks away from ordering any of the fine living products we’re covering in our articles!


Now we invite you to see our latest commercial announcing the rebrand! It speaks to the story of our logo and what Alux stands for! Enjoy!


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