Top 10 Sport Events Cash Prize per Player

15 April 2016

These sport events give the winner a nice amount of cash prize. How “nice” could it be?

A sport event, whether it is a tournament or a championship, has been one of the most attractive events in a large scale of audience. This leads to big revenues for the parties involved. And of course, big cash prize for the winner.

Commonly, cash prize is a fixed number announced prior to the event. But some sport events, such as Formula 1 Grand Prix racing, share the profit from revenue to the participants as the cash prize.

In other case, mostly in fight sports, the cash prize amount varies depending on many factors, such as the amount of sponsorship endorsement and the popularity of the match itself.

Here are the top 10 highest cash prize based on the earning of individual winner. These cash prizes don’t include players’ salary and bonus. Let’s start the count down!

10. UEFA Euro (Football): $1.26 million

Top 10 Sport Events Cash Prize per Player | UEFA Euro (Football): $1.26 million
UEFA Euro (Football): $1.26 million | source: wikipedia.org

This year’s biggest world football event is the UEFA Euro 2016. It is a football tournament amongst countries in Europe. This once in four year tournament is undoubtedly going to be the center of world’s attention this summer.

UEFA announced that there will be €301 million (approximately $340 million) total pool of cash prize for all participants to grab. It is divided among 24 countries participating.

Each country will definitely get €8 million for participating. During the group qualification, €1 million is given to each match win (split into half for a draw). For the playoff, the price gets higher as they advance further along. From €1.5 million for making it to Round of 16 until €8 million for winning the tournament.

The winner of Euro has the potential to earn €27 million ($30 million). This cash prize divided among players (including substitutes) is approximately $1.26 million per player.

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