10 Most Popular Alternative Email Services for Gmail

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Gmail is undoubtedly still the best email provider. But if you want to use alternative email services for backup, you can consider these following options.


When you create a Facebook account, you will automatically have @facebook.com email account as well. With this email account, not only you can send message to other Facebook account, but other email providers too (ie. Gmail, Outlook). Sending email from Facebook page is just like sending a chat or private message.


Yahoo Mail is the best before Gmail came into the picture. It offers 1 TB of free storage and large attachment size as some of its best features. In fact, the size of the free storage and attachment is better than what Gmail offers.


Lycos is one of the best alternative email services that has been around since the 90s. Lycos email service offers 500 MB of storage for its free version. Furthermore, it also takes pride from its excellent spam and viruses filtering features.

Exchange Online

Exchange Online is a standalone email feature from Office 365, which might be more suitable for business purpose. This email provider offers three different email plans that offer storage from 50 GB up to 1 TB. The most premium plan also includes full integration with Microsoft Office.


This is the best email service for Windows user because it connects to all Windows programs. Not only you can edit Microsoft Office files directly from the browser, you can also delete the emails automatically by setting the expiration period for each email.


This is a modern email client which offers simple features for personal use. It comes with calendar, task manager as well as reminders so it can also be some sort of a “Smart Assistant” for you. This service also will protect your privacy by automatically scanning every incoming mail from viruses and spyware.


Elude is a new email provider which encrypts all server traffic to protect the privacy of its users. Signing up to Elude doesn’t require any ID or phone number so your privacy will be guaranteed. Unfortunately, due to its .onion URL, it can only be accessed through TOR browser.


One of the most interesting things about AOL is you can set your own domain for your email address. Instead of @aol.com, you can go with @love.com or @ygm.com. Not only you can connect your AOL email with AOL features like instant messengers or to-do lists, it is also possible to integrate it with your other email addresses.


Tutanota is another email client that addresses privacy and security concern. This service will not only encrypt your email but also contacts, files and other things that are connected to your email accounts. It offers five domain names that you can choose from as well as 1 GB of free storage.


Shortmail is basically the Twitter of the email world. Each email you send is limited to 500 characters and you cannot send attachment. But if your Shortmail account receives attachment, you can save it to Evernote and open it from there. Despite of its simplicity, it is still one of the best alternative email services because it supports IMAP and POP.

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