10 Proven Time Savers That Think, Write and Create for You

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Students have always used a lack of time to explain why they missed a deadline or did not complete an assignment. In fact, student life is full of responsibilities that require immediate attention, so it is difficult to meet to all expectations when the number of pending assignments is growing but the day has only 24 hours. 

Are you experiencing the same problem? You have come to the right place because we have prepared a list of ten great tools that can save your time by helping you to achieve goals more effectively and efficiently. These are proven tools that are used by thousands of students around the world because of their ability to enhance learning.

1. Citation Machine




Most essays and research papers require students to cite their sources in order to avoid plagiarism and credit people for using their research. Citation Machine here is an ultimate tool to get this done because it can automatically generate the citations in various academic styles (APA, MLA, Chicago and others) by using ISBN or title of the work. Moreover, it allows citing multimedia and other sources that students encounter during writing. As the result, the only thing that remains is to copy and paste the citation into the document.

2. After the Deadline


This tool will help you to write error-free English texts and avoid numerous grammar and punctuation mistakes. It is very simple to use and provides spelling, grammar, and style suggestions for the user to improve the text. Thousands of students around the world use this robust tool to correct complex texts and receive good grades.


3. Cliché Finder



In some cases, it is very difficult to avoid using clichés in academic writing. However, they might not be appreciated by the professor because of obvious reasons, so you need to use them in a witty way that will make them useful. Cliché Finder is the perfect tool to do that. It is a simple online tool that also works as a writing environment and has minimum distractions. You can write or paste the text and click on “find clichés” to detect them. That’s it.

4. StayFocusd


Are you having trouble staying focused while doing college assignments? Maybe some news about your favorite sports team or Facebook chats keep you from completing them quickly? If this sound familiar to you, then you should really take advantage of this tool. StayFocusd temporarily blocks the websites that can distract you and allow you to work in a distraction-free environment. It works as a Google Chrome extension.

5. Grammarly


This tool is also a widely popular one because it helps to ensure that the academic assignment you have been writing all these days is ready to be submitted. In addition to plagiarism check, the tool provides information about word selection, grammar and punctuation mistakes, and other errors that can be made while writing.

6. Best Title Generator



Are you having difficulties coming up with titles for academic papers? Here is the tool that will help you. Everything Best Title Generator needs is a few keywords that will guide the system to generate a title. It is completely free and comes up with great topics in a matter of seconds.

7. College papers


Modern students have more assignments than generations before them, so time becomes a critical resource. This writing service provides some cool writing samples and grands students have more time to run their errands by providing a reliable and professional help with academic writing assignments. The quality of the work is ensured by the employees who are graduates of leading universities that are experts in their respective fields of academic studies.

8. Paper Rater


This tool is another go-to resource for busy students because it provides a quality assessment of the writing in a matter of minutes. It does not require the users to download anything and allows to check grammar, punctuation, word selection, plagiarism, and other aspects. Using this tool can really improve the quality of academic writing and ensure originality.

9. OutlineEdit


Making an outline before writing the body of the text is an underappreciated step that some students skip. The ones who do not skip this step get better grades because it provides better structure for the text. Are you one of them? Then use this tool to automate this process! It is an extension for Apple’s Safari that allows creating the outline by highlighting a chunk of text that will be used for the academic paper. You can also highlight multiple chunks of text and store the history to find information.

10. BibMe


Another great way of generating citations and bibliography for research papers, dissertations, and essays is BibMe. It works with all popular citation styles like APA and MLA and allows creating an account to save the bibliography if needed. In addition to these great features, this tool helps to create a title page and check the text for plagiarism.


Use these apps to advance your studying and save more time to run your errands!

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