10 Strangest Beauty Treatments Used By Celebrities

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Celebrities have long been known to use the strangest of beauty treatments to preserve their young, good looks. These treatments range from innovative and effective to completely weird and well, yucky. Read ahead for some of the craziest ideas and make up your mind (and, pocket!) if you want to try them.

1. Japanese Nightingale Poo

As the Blaze reports, dermatologists dehydrate the poo and use it in facials. This beauty treatment is supposed to give you radiant, glowing skin and remove acne. Nightingale poo contains urea which is rich in nitrogen and guanine that is a kind of amino acid. Research says that these properties can promote the ability of the skin to hold moisture. Also called the Geisha facial, the only other ingredient used in rice bran.

The proponent? Victoria Beckham


2. Human Placenta Facials 

Human placenta contains rejuvenating collagen that is supposedly ideal for reversing the signs of aging and keeping you young and gorgeous. Some cosmetic practitioners may use the stem cells extracted from sheep placenta while others use the protein extracts from human placenta. You can expect that the treatments given in the form of masks will hydrate and lift your skin. If you have any kind of damage from excessive exfoliation, this beauty treatment can reverse that also.

The proponent? Jennifer Lopez

3. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP Facials)

One of the most innovative cosmetic treatments that’s making waves in Hollywood is Platelet Rich Plasma. Should you sign up for PRP facials, your cosmetologist will use an extract sourced from a small sample of your blood. This serum contains all the compounds that your body needs for cell repair and works by rejuvenating the layer of collagen and elastin under the skin. You can choose to have the serum injected into the problem area or get micro needling facials with the serum. 

The proponent? Kim Kardashian

4. Bee Venom Masks

You’ve always been aware of the magical effects of honey on your skin. But, bees produce more than just honey to help you get acne-free radiant skin. Think bee venom or the clear, colorless liquid that the insects use in their sting. The venom is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and can help you by clearing the skin of cystic acne that goes below the surface of the skin. You can try these beauty treatments in the form of masks or as spot applications. Um, if you can brave the pain, try getting the bees to sting your face. 

The proponent? The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton


5. Snail Slime Masks

Snail slime or that yucky, sticky trail that indicates a snail just passed by here can do wonders for your skin. Harvested from live snails, this peculiar facial treatment can help you with acne and bring an amazing glow to dull, undernourished skin. And, yes, it also works to reverse the signs of aging. As a feature in Today describes, you can also get rid of unsightly pigmentation with the masks. 

The proponent? Drew Barrymore

6. Hemorrhoid Cream Applications for Puffy Eyes

Yes, you’re well aware of how hemorrhoid cream is good for your rear end. Now, try it on the top end. Apparently, this beauty treatment works to remove the puffiness and aging lines under the eyes. For better hydration, you could try mixing the cream with your favorite moisturizer. Only, be careful and avoid getting any of the mix into your eyes. 

The proponent? Sandra Bullock

7. Leech Therapy

This cosmetic treatments works on the theory that when leeches suck blood, they release enzymes in their saliva that prevent the blood from clotting. The cleansing properties of the enzymes that contain peptides and proteins can rid your body of toxins. The National Center for Biotechnical Information has conceded that this method is an ancient therapeutic treatment that has been used for centuries by Arab, Greek, Indian, and Egyptian healers.

The proponent? Demi Moore

8. Caviar Body Treatments

Fish eggs anyone? We agree that they’re a delicacy but celebrities can take them further. Extracts from the eggs are known to help hydrate and firm the skin by removing the appearance of wrinkles. Women can also use this beauty treatment to rid their bellies of the stretch marks resulting from pregnancy. Caviar has several anti-oxidant properties in addition to providing protection from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. 

The proponent? Angelina Jolie


9. Red Wine Soaks

Red wine is known for its antioxidant properties tannin, resveratrol, and flavonoids. Drink a glass or two a few days a week and you can have beautiful ageless skin thanks to its capabilities of restoring the collagen and elastin in your skin. But, celebrities are using red wine in other ways too. Add a couple of cups to your bath and soak in it as a cosmetic treatment. Forbes agrees and has added the beverage to its list of 10 Foods for Glowing Skin.

The proponent? Teri Hatcher

10. Additional Beauty Secrets

Have some of these treatments grossed you out completely? Well, some of the celebrity secrets are actually simple. We lesser mortals can also try them at home. Think chilled milk and rose water spritzing, avocado paste hair and face masks, ice water, and fruit pulp in place of toothpaste. 

The proponents? All of us at Alux.

Try them!


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