10 Web Design Trends 2018

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This article is brought to you by Simon Boyt from webdesignblog.info. Boyt has specially prepared this article for all those people who are interested in latest web design trends. Web design is the procedure of making websites by using different aspects and themes. Every year, web design industry undergoes new changes and now everyone is waiting for web design trends 2018 as New Year is around the corner. In the present era of high tech, you must keep your website up-to-date so that you can attract maximum visitors. In this article, the list of top 10 web design trends 2018 will be shared. So, be ready to surprise your audience with these eye-catching and aspiring web designs.

1-      Cinemagraphs

Gone are the days when images were used on the websites. Nowadays, the trend has totally changed and cinemagraphs has captured the entire focus. Cinemagraphs are basically the still photos in which repeated and minor movement occurs to form a video. They appear like 3D animation and give a live view to the visitors. Cinemagraphs can be formed by using different photos or video recording. You have to take help from different software to edit these photographs or video in order to compose dazzling cinemagraphs for the viewers of your website. Let’s amaze your visitors with magnificent live portraits and moving photographs.

2-      Mobile-friendly Interface

As per the latest statistics of www.statista.com, 59.5% and 65.1% of entire web traffic in Africa and Asia came from mobile accounts. These figures are not surprising because of the increasing popularity of smartphones. People find it easy and more convenient to visit websites by means of using their mobile phones rather than using the laptops or personal computers. The same trend will also be followed in the upcoming year as the popularity of mobile-friendly web designs is increasing day by day. Simple and flat websites are considered best for mobile users. Try to use light images on your website so that they can be loaded quickly and your visitors may not get frustrated.

3-      Photo Content

Photographs do provide a fantastic view to the website visitors and it’s also possible to grasp their attention by using catchy photos. The photo content web design should not be surprising for you because it has been in trend for past few years. High quality photographs are now easily available and you can display them on your site’s background. Moreover, you can also use them on the landing pages of your websites. In this way, you can make your website more unique and distinguished.

4-      Typography

While using the flat and simple website layout, the web designers can apply their creativeness on typography. As already discussed, quick loading of websites play a crucial role in increasing users’ experience as well as search engine ranking.  You don’t need to worry if you are not using high resolution photos as now you can rely on typography. Simply convey your thoughts by using few words. Modern typography has made possible the creation of typography logos and its best example is https://www.baskinrobbins.com.

5-      Mood for Interface

It is one of the big and brand new web design in which up-to-date gadgets are used. It’s been assumed that the interface of a website can help improve the mood of visitors. Hence, interactive gadgets are used for this specific web design. Now the mobile apps and software have become much more private that are capable of enhancing human mood. It’s your own choice to use any theme that reflects the mood of your website’s viewers. The mixture of shapes and colors can best improve the mood of target audience.

6-      Virtual Reality Video

All of you must have observed the implementation of videos on different websites. It seems like each site has an introductory video that showcases the faces behind their products or services. Nowadays, it’s quite easy to create catchy videos as different apps are available for this purpose. In 2018, you will witness high-quality and tech-savvy videos. Be ready to experience 360 videos, expressive videos, 360 modeling, and video mapping. No doubt, you have to spend much of your time and money for creating such videos but they are effective in influencing your websites’ users.

7-      Bright Colors and Bold Fonts

You will require to use bright colors and bold fonts if you are interested in using contemporary web designs. Bold fonts assist the visitors in focusing on the content whereas the white spaces make it easy to browse and read through. Both colors and fonts are considered the best complement. It’s been observed that the individuals spend only a few seconds or minutes on a website therefore: you must capture their attention by using vivid designs, fonts, and colors.

8-      Focus on Content

Content will always remain the king no matter what web designs or themes you are using. The same trend will also be followed in the forthcoming year. Undoubtedly, 2018 will bring new technology and trends that will take your website to the top ranking. Technology has progressed to a greater extent and now can grasp the attention of your website’s visitors by using high-tech apps and software.

9-      Storytelling

Now you can give a bigger picture of your brand by using the concept of storytelling. All you have to do is to tell an appealing story that will connect your audience with your products or services. It has been expected that storytelling web design will become more personal, exciting, and humane in 2018. Use as much information as you can in order to convey your story in an effective manner.

10-   Security of Customers’ Information


Whenever you visit a shopping website, the first thing that comes in your mind is “Security of your Website”. People are much concerned about their personal information, especially when they have to purchase a product or service online. Viewers will only use your website if they feel safe. Therefore, you have to make your website more secure so that the information of customers can remain protected.

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