11 Most Luxurious Living Room Designs in 2017

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The living room is your home’s main hub – it’s supposed to be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, while remaining functional and practical. Of course, this is not to say that bathroom, kitchen and even toilet designs are irrelevant (far from it), but they are definitely not as important as coming up with a perfect living room. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of 11 luxurious living room designs for 2017.




Ceilings play a key role in living room design – they are perfectly capable of making the room more spacious, just as they might make it feel closed in if not used properly.

Thin wooden drop ceiling

If you are a pragmatist and yet want to add a bit of life to your living room, stick to a thin, joined wooden ceiling. It’s cheap, looks warm and homey and doesn’t scream “look at me!”.

Patterned ceiling

Contrary to the simplistic thin wooden drop ceiling feel, if patterns and art are your thing, the weird hypnotic design is very trendy nowadays.

Nature texture

When it comes to coziness, a wallpaper or a pattern ceiling that evokes earthy appeals is by far the best choice. This ceiling design is the most innovative of the bunch.

Chinese style ceiling

This one is a bit tricky to pull off without completely surrendering to the Chinese style of a living room. However, if you compliment this area with yellow lights and wooden furniture a similarly styled drop net ceiling is going to do wonders for your living room design.

Victorian ceiling

Although this ceiling design incorporates roughly the same coloring as the Chinese style ceiling, it evokes a completely different vibe. The cluttered wooden cove look screams (or rather, whispers) “Victorian age”.




Your living room flooring options aren’t exactly vast. The tricky part, however, is matching your floor with the ceiling.


Always warm and forever trendy, wood is an excellent flooring option to match a variety of styles.


This one is slightly trickier to pull off, but if properly matched, it will bring out a strong, tailored feel to the table.


If you’re into minimalism or the industrial-chic design, you could extend the reach of concrete in your home beyond the confines of your garage. The best part – you can paint it, stain it, score it and polish it!


Focal points

A living room isn’t complete without a focal point to absorb most of the attention!


This is definitely the most popular choice – it doesn’t even have to be functional. If you do love the crackling sound of fire, the smell and the general feel of lighting it, make sure that you get the best air purifier for dust on the market, because a functioning fireplace will make dust and ashes a common thing in your home.

Go all-white

This one is pretty obvious, but keep in mind these rooms need a dose of personality, so throw in a couple of red and blue-patterned pillows for a slight touch of contrast. Additionally, no matter how white you go with everything else, dark wood furniture is a must!

Emphasize the table

A living room without a coffee table isn’t really a living room. Although a coffee table goes without saying, its importance hugely depends on the furniture that surrounds it. You might think that placing your armchairs, chairs and sofa up against the wall will make for a roomier feel, but this simply isn’t true. Make sure that you put some distance between your living room seating and the walls in order to rightfully make your coffee table a proper focal point!










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