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Like any other domain, the advance of technology totally changed the skincare industry and, overall, the way we take care of ourselves. If 10 years ago someone came to you and started talking about ultrasounds and lasers available in your home, you’d probably consider them crazy. Well, take a look at these 3 devices that definitely changed the game in beauty.

Ultrasonic infuser 

Even if you use top-class cosmetics and skin care products, all those substances in them need a little push diffuse and start their action faster. That’s how the idea for the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser appeared. It is basically a small, hand-held device, that uses ultrasound to deliver the active ingredients in cosmetics into the skin. Besides that, it is a useful source of energy that gets transmitted to the skin to rejuvenate it.



Microcurrent Device 

The use of microcurrent in esthetics is not a new thing, however, you could only access the technology by going to an actual beauty store where technicians would give you the treatment for a limited time period. Now, it’s all in your hands, literally, with the microcurrent devices that take away all the discomfort of having to get out of the house and making an appointment. This technique is used to temporarily lift the skin that becomes energized and more active from the microcurrent.

Non-Ablative Lasers 

A non-ablative laser works by directing light towards your cells to stimulate collagen production and thus leading to a more elastic and tonified skin. Again, this treatment is around for some years now but it’s only recently that it was made available for household use. 10 minutes a day with laser therapy will have amazing results for your skin and if you combine it with any of the other devices described above, it’s even better.


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