3 Different Adorable Ways to Style Shift Dresses

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A black biker leather jacket, a pair for blue denim skinny jeans, a statement bag, and nude stilettoes are some of the basic must-haves in your closet. Among those, a timeless classic, without which your wardrobe is incomplete, is a shift dress. With fashion houses changing the trends for women’s dresses every season, this piece has managed to sustain the test of time and imaginative outflow of designers.

Western dresses unlike traditional ones, vary vastly in design and styling techniques. Dresses for women can lean towards the popular fit and flare, the modest maxis or bodycon dresses for those who dare. What is great about shift dresses is that they have a flattering cut that can make any women of any shape and size look fantastic.  On one hand as some dresses can be dedicated for comfortable wear and others for formal wear, the shift dress is a transitional item that can be styled to fit both occasions.

 Here is how you can style the ultimate ladies dress for multiple occasion:


Shift dresses are the easiest to style in a casual style. Choose, baggy styles, some that may even mimic an extra-large t-shirt. Some shift dresses come in casual patterns such a stripes or checks. Sport these comfortable dresses with boots, sports shoes or platform sneakers for a preppy look. For a more petite look, you can choose floral print shift dresses. This will also add a girly vibe to your outfit, sport this with a pair of neutral toned moccasins or heeled platforms.


Although shift dresses are known for their universally flattering silhouette, when it comes to formal wear, this might look a little casual. However, if you have a dress that is slightly more structured or tapered around the waist, it can ease into formal attire. You can borrow style inspiration from the uber-fashionable Kate Middleton. With her tailored shift dresses, in bright colours paired with minimal accessories, she is an inspiration to most.


The stereotypical notion of a party dress is a fitted black mini dress. However, little did you know that you could also style shift dresses for your next girl’s night out. One of the easiest ways to do so is by throwing in some glitter and glamour. Choose from multiple sequins shift dresses to be the light of every party. If glitter is not your thing, you can also choose to pair a velvet dress with a pair of strappy heels. Velvet dresses are a huge trend this year, so you can stay fashionable yet comfortable.


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