3 Digital Marketing Aspects To Influence Your SEO Strategy in 2017

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In a bid and quest to achieve success and own a company that can be termed as ‘SEO perfect’ people learn a lifetime lesson: SEO never remains constant. The sentence tries to convey that an SEO hot potato from a different time might get off the table with the shift in trends of the current time. So, the best someone can recommend, is to fall into pace with the time and change.

Update your SEO services strategies, analyze the current buzzwords, find the success rate, build a strategy better than others (the competitors), and implement it religiously. Dedication and an observant attitude to improvise when the need prevails. These qualities of a businessman or the SEO strategy creates the evidently perceptible gap between a rag and a rich, in the pretext of SEO.   

1. Make the UI friendly

User experience, UI has consistently been the man ‘behind the scene’ helping digital marketers improve their web performance. Let alone user experience (UI) has the capability to increase your site traffic by an unimaginable percentage. Believe it or not, the user experience is as critical for SEO as any other hot potato strategy. Online experiences have proven their worth as an essential part of a good business website.

So, what all should you do to ensure a smooth online experience

  • Fix broken links to minimize errors

  • Check for duplicate content

  • Ensure visually appealing web page, it attracts readers and gains the attention.  

  • Ensure every content page is correct according to readability and crawlability.

  • Check the page loading speed. Skip using heavy images that take more time to load.

  • Make the navigation smooth for your users.

2. Invest more time in content

After the recent introduction of Google algorithms and the updates, things are going to be tough for the webmaster on the content part. Google algorithm has forced the webmasters to put their unethical, time-saving tactics off the table and follow the stringent codes of conduct laid down by them.

In a way, these updates have promoted webmasters who were strong in the content part but a bit weaker on the SEO. The websites with lengthy, in-depth, and well-researched content get rewarded by better & improved rankings thanks to the Google algorithm updates. The conclusion is, invest more time and efforts in writing a content that pays off, keeping in mind the parameters discussed above.        

3. Experiment with different contents

Visual content has already done a lot for SEO masters and the worth still remains intact. But the people is delving into the world with cut-throat competition. If you don’t perform well every succeeding moment, your competitors will replace you. Visual content has seen the introduction of multiple variances arising as a better alternative of written text content. Certain contents like infographics have already taken the world by a storm and there’s no way it’s stopping, not in next few decades.

Also, the rise of audio-visual content has partially created the visual content. The incessant popularity of video content platforms has directed the people’s attention from visual content to audiovisual content. Thus, to get the audience back, use video, infographics more often than not, on your website.

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