3 Luxury Lighting Brands To Transform Your House

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When giving your home a luxurious makeover, one area that you mustn’t forget is lighting. There is no better way to create a welcoming ambience than by choosing the right lighting solutions, and with so many wonderful brands on the market today, it’s easier than ever to find a sophisticated and elegant way to light your rooms.


The key to choosing a pendant, spotlight, table or floor lamp that brings something truly special to your space is to look for features that complement and enhance your existing décor while bringing a unique touch to the room. The best luxury lighting brands have something unusual and eye-catching to offer, which is why they have risen through the ranks to become the most sought-after collections on the market. Here, we look at three of the most popular design lighting options available today that look stunning in either a contemporary or traditionally-styled home.


Pottery Project – Contemporary Elegance And Ancient Techniques


This gorgeous Spanish lighting range has seamlessly blended contemporary elegance with traditional prehistoric terracotta ceramic techniques for an effortlessly stylish lighting solution. The ancient art of pottery has been harnessed by this brand to create modern designs that challenge classic concepts while promoting elegance and sophistication. Taking its inspiration from nature, the Pottery Project makes every piece in its collection by hand so that every single item is unique. With its exciting textures and natural colours, this wonderful range brings authenticity and eye-catching appeal to any room of your home.


Nemo – Minimalist Sophistication At Its Best


Contemporary interior design often focuses on minimalist chic, and the Nemo lighting range fits right into this modern concept. Focusing on stylish geometric shapes and monochrome colours, this Italian brand which was first established in the 1990s exudes Milanese glamour and sophistication. In a collection that returns to the very roots of innovative Italian design, the Nemo brand brings together the works of a number of prestigious and iconic designers for a range that is second to none in terms of luxurious elegance. From the horizontal Spigolo pendant to the curving radiance of the Alya, Nemo’s products are the epitome of style, looking wonderful in any contemporary-themed home where the emphasis is on simplicity and sophistication.


Brokis – Glassware Lighting To Inspire



What could be more luxurious than a lighting range made from Bohemian inspired hand-blown glass? The Brokis collection is the Czech Republic’s premium lighting brand which offers the ideal combination of traditional craftsmanship and quality modern design. This award-winning collection encompasses creative and quirky pieces such as the colourful Memory ceiling lamp and more traditionally-styled products like the Mona pendant; all have been designed to the highest specifications and boast an impressive use of colour and shape to create a spectacular effect in any room. Whatever your style of interior décor, this inspiring lighting design range will complement and enhance your theme, making a statement and drawing the eye for an ambience that is chic yet stunning. 

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