3 Reasons To Have A Custom Home Design

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One of the most significant investments to make in your life is a house. It requires a substantial investment plus time to build and maintain it. It has to be precisely what you have always dreamed of. The best way to make your dream come true is through having a custom design home. This article has 3 reasons to have a custom design home in Melbourne.



Spending better time at home

There are 168 hours in a week. Of these, the average Australian spends about 50 hours working or commuting. Some 20 hours might be spent running errands, attending school or going to social events. It means, about 60 percent of your time is spent in your house. It explains why it’s imperative to have a home befitting your lifestyle plus needs as possible. You don’t have to adapt a structure in an attempt to make it fit your needs. The best idea is to build a house with your needs in mind from the start.

Does your family like outdoor activities like football? Consider getting a home with a washer and dryer installed in the garage closest to the outdoor fun. Do you enjoy hosting friends and family? Make sure to have a home with a formal dining room large enough to accommodate a sizeable number of people. The trick is to build a house accommodating your exact needs. This is important because you are to spend the majority of your time there.

Likelihood of longer residency

An average person will live in their house for approximately 13 years before they sell it and move into a new one. Most first time home owners have an average age of 33. So, you are more likely to buy and sell roughly 3 houses in your lifetime. However, a house built by the best custom builders in Melbourne is likely to attract more extended residency. The most common reasons to why people sell their homes is to move into a larger one and the desire to upgrade. A custom build house is built according to your specifications, so it might take longer before you decide to upgrade.

Better resale value

Home buyers like unique things. It explains why items on sale as limited editions, rare models, and one-offs usually command a higher price. It’s the same is true when buying a house. The most valuable homes even after twenty years of construction are not houses with standard designs. It’s individually built homes offering the buyer a unique living environment. Furthermore, custom build homes are not comparable, and any buyer will not come at a lower asking price. You’re more likely to get any price you ask for when selling your home.

Final words

Your house is your castle and should have the same feel. With ample time, effort and money to build a home, it should be exactly as you want it. So, instead of buying a house with the same design as your neighbours, get custom builders so set you apart.

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