3 Scenic Fall Foliage Road Trips You Must Not Miss

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What’s the best way to enjoy fall? For many of us who love to travel, it is being out there on the road and savor the beauty all around. If you were considering buying an RV, now is the perfect time to get hold of one. And you don’t even need a brand-new model. Just purchase one of the RVs for sale by their owners and explore the majesty that waits for us on the hills, beside rivers, and by narrow lanes.  Here we have compiled three of our favorite trips; take your pick:

Adirondack Park, New York

This sprawling park lies in upstate New York, to the east of the Mississippi. These vast 6 million acres of woodland is known for its rugged beauty. The oval-shaped park cradles a thick forest and is surrounded by lofty mountains. Thousands of pristine lakes and streams complete the rich canvas of the wilderness. The massive park also includes The Wilmington Flume Preserve on Rte. 86.  On your way to the park, you will get to see picturesque hamlets on both sides of the road. You can spend your night in one of the several campgrounds that dot the whole area. When you are not driving, you can hit the trail to appreciate the fall foliage from a close quarter. October is the best time to visit this park because it’s also the time when Lake Placid’s famous Flaming Leaves festival takes place. Be a part of that festival to savor local food and experience some adrenalin rush by participating in some sporting events.

Vermont, New England

Leaf peeping is a serious business in Vermont. When it comes to capturing the brilliant hues of nature, no other region in the USA will offer you a better immersive experience than Vermont. The best way to catch this riot of color is taking the Vermont Route 100. When your RV get past the towns of Stowe and Waterbury, the ranches in the foothills of the mountains will keep you mesmerized until you reach the scenic Route 125 or the Middlebury Gap Road. In between the two highways, you will find the Green Mountain National Forest, which provides adrenaline seekers an ideal base for an array of mountain adventures such as gondola rides and foliage hikes. When you are not driving, take a hot-air balloon ride in Stowe to enjoy panoramic views of the region, including the nearby Lake Champlain.

Moosehead Lake, Maine

Your fall road trip will be incomplete without visiting the spectacular foliage of Maine’s largest lake, Moosehead. To cover the 75.2-mile-long route, start at The Forks. Before starting for Jackman, enjoy some whitewater rafting in this watersports hub. The scenic drive takes you deep into the North Woods. Stop at Attean to get some extraordinary clicks of the Moose River Valley. Drive further north to reach the Canadian border. From there, take the road leading to Rockwood on the shores. Spend the night in Greenville. Resume the journey in the early morning to enjoy a slow drive through the unpaved logging roads frilled with lush and vibrant woods. Also, hike to Moxie Falls, and take a floatplane tour to catch a bird’s-eye view of Moosehead Lake.

Fall foliage tours are some of the many wonders that the US offers to enthusiastic travelers. Don’t deprive yourself of this visual pleasure; plan a road trip to behold this spectacular phenomenon, first hand. Travel in a luxury motor coach for the ultimate experience. Even if you do not want to spend millions of bucks on a luxury coach, opt for a suitable used RV. Visit online selling sites to find well-maintained RVs that are on offer for sale by their owners. Also, check The US Forest Service websites to get updates on where and when to catch the best fall colors in the 29 states. Make the most of your fall foliage road trip by driving slow and experiencing the local culture along the way.

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